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Cuddly verbal splatter

Doing the Cosmic Slop

12 June 1984
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Hi. You can call me Neeks when we're online. It's short for Neekerbreeker, a noisy Middle-Earth insect which has a preference for hobbits. This journal is titled Skinship because I'm a pretty touchy-feely person and it's a nifty wasei eigo word. Also, "neekerbreeker" was taken.

Here there be geeky ramblings, not that I have to warn you about it because you probably already figured out this is Livejournal.

I'm quite female, quite tall and quite sprightly. My hair is messy and shortish and occasionally green. I don't wear make-up (but often wear hats), like colourful but practical clothes and never seem to shut up. I'm a loud drunk (dark beer or vodka, please), have a by now legendary love of pistachios and always peel my grapefruit. I also own a large tea collection and will happily lend you something from my small DVD library.
I study English Translation at the university, and am a general language h0.

When I'm not updating this journal, I'm usually gaming (tabletop RPGs like Exalted, 7th Sea, Planescape or Changeling: The Dreaming, or PC and console games like Fallout, KotOR and Jade Empire). I might also be out dancing to funk and flirting with everybody and their girlfriend. Or then I'm over at my friend's drinking tea and talking until the wee hours. In any case, you just missed me.

I seldom f-lock entries. If I don't want the whole world to see something, I don't post it. I'm easy that way.

My icon journal is koicons. Friend it and make me feel speshul.

Samanlainen, erilainen, sopivasti kummallinen
Irrallinen, terävä, ei koskaan liian onnellinen
Erilainen, samanlainen, eikä yhtään kummallinen
Mustavalkoharmaa sekä aivan liian onnellinen

Samanlainen, samanlainen, missä niitä luuraa?
Erilainen, erilainen, missä niitä
Saattaa olla että kaikki vielä tavataan samassa paikassa
Tuulen huuhtomalla paljaalla kalliolla paperit hukassa
Onko halkoja hiilien päällä, täällä?

-Ismo Alanko & Vapaat Soittajat


The background image is by BeatEmOrBurnEm at DevArt.
7th sea, abarat, august nights, bioware, black books, blackadder, bloc party, bone, boobs, british comedy, brotherhood of the wolf, bsg, changeling: the dreaming, cheese, citrus fruit, cmx, cryptozoology, cthulhu mythos, death cab for cutie, deep forest, depeche mode, dinosaurs, don huonot, doodling, drake/jj, eddie izzard, elfquest, epiclogues, erykah badu, everything but the girl, ewan mcgregor, exalted, fairy tales, fake, fallout, farscape, ffx, ffx-2, ficbitching, firefly, funk, geekery, george romero, ghost stories for ghosts, gillian anderson, graeme revell, graphic novels, guillermo del toro, guy gavriel kay, h.p. lovecraft, halo jones, hats, healthy escapism, heather nova, hirasawa susumu, hobbit femslash, horror literature, hules/neerja/ramzi, international communication, interpol, irvine welsh, ismo alanko, j.r.r. tolkien, jade empire, jaffa cakes, jaime hernandez, johanna sinisalo, kon satoshi, kotor, lekku, limes, love and rockets, luna sea, magical realism, marvin gaye, mason/dixon, massive attack, matou sanami, merry/pippin, miyazaki hayao, monkey thieves, monty python, motown, naomi novik, neil gaiman, nerd indie, new order, nick cave, oasis, old school reggae, orpheus, oz, p-funk, paine/rikku, pedro almodovar, peter jackson, pistachios, placebo, planescape, porpoises, queer as folk (us), radiohead, ralf könig, reptiles, robert holdstock, robin hobb, roleplaying games, rome, rpgs, sadahiro mika, scoundrels, simon pegg, snarking, space, spaced, splatter films, star wars, strange days, strangers in paradise, suede, tabletop rpgs, taka/kouei, tea, tenryu, tentacles, the colour green, the cure, the gathering, the pixies, the postal service, the smiths, the x-files (seasons 1-5), threesomes for world peace, tim burton, tony diterlizzi, trickster gods, twi'leks, u2, ursula le guin, usagi yojimbo, wasei eigo, weird nature, world of darkness, yuki kaori, yup